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Customer service workflow:

Company customer service service department dedicated to providing technical support and application of machine tool equipment fault editing for customers.

The company has a dedicated service hotline, 24 hours to accept the customer's equipment fault complaints.

After receipt of the complaint information from customers, by the professional and technical personnel in the first time and contact telephone customers, for can deal with the call of the fault, timely by telephone to customers discharge failure, can't call handling fault, within 24 hours arrived on-site customer, for customer service.


Occasional visit

Company by the person on each client service carry out visits. Visit the main contents include customer equipment maintenance results, customer satisfaction with the service staff. Returning officer will carefully recorded customers reflect the entire contents of, for a return visit to reflect the abnormal situation, giving classified, reported to the relevant functional departments.

The company regularly (weekly) for service work carried out special research and summary, technical departments to carry out the product structure and production process improvement, in order to improve the quality.




VIP service project

Customers to use the company's products for nearly a year, we will arrange for the maintenance personnel to a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the machine. Outside the warranty period of the machine tool, in order to guarantee the normal operation of the machine, the company for the customer provides VIP Protection Service, the company and its customers in service contracts signed become VIP member units.

Service items include:

a、Free of charge once a month for maintenance;

b、Check the cleaning and lubricating parts and the lubricating pump;

c、Check machine gas path, waterway;

d、Check and clean the machine;

f、Check and adjust the fit clearance between the guide rail of the machine tool;

g、Electric appliance element for cleaning electric cabinet.

According to VIP service rules, when the customer equipment failure caused by non-human factors, some parts of the implementation of free repair and replacement, service rules and components other than the cost price of the project.



VIP l流程图.png



Machine maintenance service

Huaya NC for customers to provide machine overhaul service machine normal use in the process, the mechanical parts (such as rails, etc.) will appear normal wear and wear reaches certain degree, must through machine overhaul (such as grinding rails), in order to make the machine reach due to the machining accuracy.

To satisfy customers' requirements, we the company produced products provide repair service. Let the machine through the maintenance, spare parts processing to meet the requirements. Practice has proved, through our customers to carry out machine overhaul service, for customers reduces the production cost, save money.

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