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A Pentahedral Machining Center with High Efficiency and High Precision



    Most die-casting aluminium workpieces are composed of a large number of polyhedrons with complex shapes, which need to be clamped and processed many times. Especially in recent years, some new energy automotive battery boxes, power inverters, LED display boxes and other workpieces appear in the market, which are generally added. To solve the problems of low efficiency, low processing accuracy and more labor, our company has developed a YHV1165 machining center, which can achieve five-sided compound machining center machine tool with high efficiency and high precision by one clamping. The model has applied for national patent, patent number: 201510466753.2.



1. Structure Introduction of YHV1165 Pentahedron Machine Tool

Pentahedral compound machine tool is composed of a horizontal machining center and a vertical machining center. They use a set of working plane motion system together, their respective spindle box motion system and their respective tool library system. The two pillars are set opposite to each other, and the rotary indexing work is set above the plane motion. The worktable can be divided into four or more sides, or can be set up to drive rotary motion turntable to realize turning compound processing of some parts.

The machine bed adopts integral structure design. The vertical and horizontal pillars can be installed on an integral bed respectively. The longitudinal guide rail of the bed bed bed adopts widening design to increase the stability of the machine tool in high-speed operation. The motion of the saddle on the bed base can not only meet the maximum stroke of the vertical increase, but also satisfy the sleeping requirement. The minimum distance between the end face of the spindle and the center of the turntable. In order to install different types of turntable conveniently, a sliding board is designed on the upper track of the saddle, on which the turntable can be installed. In order to facilitate the installation of workpieces, pneumatic joints with rotary joints are designed on machine tool turntables. The linear motion feed system of machine tool adopts high precision large pitch ball screw with pre-tightening, and the pre-tension structure design is adopted at both ends of the screw. The structure design of high precision linear guide with pre-tightening and direct connection between servo motor and screw can realize fast feed movement of 60 m/min.


The two spindles are designed with BT40 12000r/min and 24 disc tool libraries respectively. The vertical tool libraries can also be equipped with BT30 clamp-arm tool libraries. The servo motor is used to control the rotation and access of the tool arm, which greatly improves the speed of tool change and the overall reliability of the tool libraries. The vertical and horizontal spindles all adopt the direct connection structure design with the servo spindle motor to realize high speed cutting operation and high speed tapping.


The machine is equipped with three types of rotary worktables, which can be processed by different parts. They are: hydraulic worktable with 90 degree one, turntable with 5 degree one driven by servo motor with toothed disc locking, and turntable with direct drive motor, which can be used for turning parts.


The compound machine tool consists of a set of CNC system to control all linear motion, rotation and double spindle motion of the whole machine tool, and realize tool change of each spindle and interpolation of the plane and length of the cutter. Because the two spindles can not work simultaneously when the moving plane is shared, but coordinate transformation can be realized quickly. Change.


Optical and Mechanical Diagram of Pentahedral Composite Machine Tool


2. Performance comparison of YHV1165 pentahedron machine tool

Generally, the processing schemes that can complete five facets are: gantry pentahedron, five-axis machining center and horizontal machining center combined with vertical machining center.


Longmen pentahedron

Five-axis Machining Center

Vertical Machining Center and Horizontal Machining Center


Processing range

Depending on the type of machine tool

Generally less thanφ650X200

Depending on the type of machine tool


Fast moving speed




Horizontal 30m/min 

Vertical 40m/min


Maximum spindle speed



Horizontal 8000r/min 

Vertical 10000r/min


Tool Change Speed





Transposition speed








Machining accuracy


Due to the low accuracy of long straight-line machining of fastening worm gear and worm

In some cases, the position accuracy of plane and vertical plane is not high because of the secondary clamping accuracy.

High accuracy of 0.02/300 mm and accuracy of plane and vertical position






Area covered










 From the table above, we can see that the machine has the advantages of high processing efficiency, high processing accuracy, small area and less labor when processing the workpieces of 500-1100 length.

3. Examples of Pentahedral Composite Machine Tool Application

(1)Subversive Application in LED Display Industry

China is the world's largest producer of LED display screens, accounting for more than 60% of the global share, mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region. In recent years, the LED display industry has been developing toward high definition and small spacing, which puts forward higher requirements for the production of LED display boxes. The accuracy of the boxes should be kept within 0.05 mm (the LED display module needs to be packed with boxes, and then spliced into display panels of various proportions and sizes). In the past, the industry needed foreign private mould customization, and the processing cost was very high. Now Huaya pentahedron machine tool is used to complete the processing in one clamp. The accuracy is kept at 0.03mm (500*500 box), and the whole production cycle of box processing is also greatly reduced. Pentahedral machine tool has overturned the old processing technology of the LED box processing industry. After more than a year of market application comparison, now pentahedral machine tool has become a standard matching high efficiency machine tool in the LED industry.


 2.png  3.png


(2) Application in New Energy Automobile Industry

The high-pressure box of the new energy vehicle has five facets to be processed, nearly 20 kilograms. The pentahedral machine tool is clamped once, and there is no need to carry and clamp back and forth. If we use ordinary vertical and vertical sub-processes to do, back-and-forth handling, labor intensity is super, even if the use of manipulator handling processing efficiency is not as high as the machine, and the cost of investment doubled, processing accuracy is not high.

 4.png  5.png


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