Product Description

High Efficiency Pentahedron Machining Center

Structural design and design features of YHV-1165/1370 with strong and delicate fuselage structure/high rigidity and high speed.

  • Processing Video of Pentahedral LED Display Box

  • New Energy Workpiece Processing Video

  • Workpiece Processing Video of Communication Box


  • It is composed of horizontal and vertical machining centers, and five-sided processing is completed

  • A set of numerical control system, processing two units

  • Double spindle structure is convenient for milling, drilling and tapping of five-sided objects.

  • Standard configuration of high speed dual spindle speed 10000rpm/min

  • Vertical and horizontal structure design, expanding the scope of machine layout, saving space.

  • High-power machine cooling water pump ensures enough flushing capacity for cutting.

  • Fully sealed protective cover ensures no leakage of water

  • Equipped with scouring device to facilitate cleaning and cutting.

Standard Accessories

Mitsubishi M80 System

Mitsubishi original four-axis feed motor Mitsubishi original spindle servo motor

Double BT40/12000 RPM direct spindle

Fifth Axis Turntable System

Manipulator Type 24T Tool Library

Four-axis guide rail protection for stainless steel expansion protection

Cooling mode of heat exchanger in electric cabinet

Cooling pumps adopt Korean Yalong 500W and 750W respectively.

380/220V50HZ Transformer

Full-cover sheet metal

Digital Display Automatic Lubrication System, Alarm Lamp for Abnormal Work of Machine Tool, Horizontal Adjustment Screw and Gasket

Toolbox and Tools

Technical data: A set of system data. A set of machine tool machinery and electrical manuals. Accuracy Inspection and Single Packaging Set

Comparison of traditional processing methods VS pentahedron machine processing advantages

  • Processing Method of Traditional Vertical Machining Center


    1. Large dimension error of workpiece machined by multi-datum.

    2. Increasing the waiting time for clamping by multiple clamping.

    3. The difficulty of loading and unloading large workpieces.

    4. Multi-machine assembly is needed to complete a product processing.

    5. At least three sets of fixtures are required to complete a product processing.

    6. The limited number of tool storehouse is not conducive to the preparation of knives for complex parts.

    7. Big vibration when processing large side parts.

    8. The number of machines is large and the area is large.

    9. High energy consumption.

  • Superiority of vertical-horizontal compound pentahedron processing


    1. Machining Five Faces on the Basis of One Face to Improve the Position Accuracy of Workpiece.

    2. Finishing five-sided processing in one clamping process reduces the repeated clamping time.

    3. Reduce the manpower consumption of handlers and workers.

    4. After processing a base plane, the other pentahedrons can be processed on a pentahedron.

    5. Only two sets of fixtures are needed to complete one-time forming of the product.

    6. 48 pairs of knives for complex parts and multi-parts processing.

    7. Suitable for large-scale processing of large parts, good rigidity and high stability.

    8. Save the area occupied and increase the utilization rate of the factory building.

    9. Energy Saving, Consumption Reduction and Environmental Protection.

Product Advantage

Once clamping reduces the error of multiple clamping and improves the accuracy. Parallelism can be guaranteed within 0.02/500mm; once clamping, reduce the time spent by multiple clamping. Our tool library is servo tool changing. The tool changing time is about 1.5 seconds. Our three-axis gauge moves at a fast speed of 48m; one system controls two units, saves the time of shunting machine; saves the cost of fixture fixtures and fixtures, and saves electricity.

  • Higher accuracy

  • Higher efficiency

  • Save labour

  • Cost savings

Internal structure of the machine

  • Double Tool Storage System

    Vertical 16-arm tool storehouse and horizontal 24-disc tool storehouse

  • Structural Design of Double Spindle Storage

    Taiwan Spindle and Japan Servo Motor

  • High Precision Turntable

    Three-piece gear plate segmentation&positioning, maintaining the original accuracy for a long time

Body structure

Industry application field

Workpiece Display

Processing Map of LED Industry

  • Facade processing

  • Horizontal Machining Side

Workpiece Display

Factory case

Workpiece Display

New Energy Industry Processing Map

Workpiece Display

Workpiece Display

Processing Map of Medical Machinery Industry

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