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Shenzhen Machinery's ingenious dedication to the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up can not be ignored!


    On December 24, the glorious moment of Shenzhen machinery was guided by Shenzhen SME Service Department and Guangming District Economic Service Bureau. Shenzhen Social Organization Association supported Shenzhen, Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, Shenzhen Mechanical Engineering Society, Guangdong Trade Fair, Shenzhen SME Public Service Platform Machinery Window and Intelligent Manufacturing. Zhongchuang Space, Guangdong Hai Real Estate Investment (International) Co., Ltd. sponsored the "Attitude and ingenuity, Help Made in China-Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association 2018 Membership Conference and the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up" Annual Grand Ceremony of the Development of Machinery Industry in Shenzhen Nanshan Poly Theatre, Shenzhen Machinery Innovation Opened The 40th anniversary.



  Mr. Cui Minrong, Chairman of Shenzhen CPPCC Standing Committee and Economic Committee, Mr. Li Shiqing, Chairman of Shenzhen Guangming District CPPCC, Mr. Liu Bing, Deputy Secretary of Enping Municipal Committee and Mayor of Enping Municipal People's Government, Ms. Yang Qi, Minister of Monitoring and Market Services, Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprises Service Department, Mr. Guan Kaining, Standing Committee of Enping Municipal Committee, and Mr. Guan Kai Ms. Huang Shaoping, President of Industry Association, Member of Shenzhen CPPCC, Vice President, Executive Director, Director and Head of Member Enterprises of Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, Representative of Guangdong Office of Overseas Institutions, Representative of Shaoxing, Yibin, Dongguan and Enping Government Organizations, Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper, Shenzhen Business Newspaper, etc. Yangcheng Evening News, Shenzhen Evening News, Jingbao, Southern Metropolitan Daily, Baoan Daily, Guangming TV and other media, a total of more than 1400 people attended the most influential industry event in Shenzhen machinery industry.


  "Shenzhen Machinery has made an indelible contribution to Shenzhen's economic development and Shenzhen's manufacturing to the world. Today's grand ceremony, let's raise our heads and declare to the world loudly that I am very important." Executive President Zhang Yaohua proudly said that 40 years of reform and opening up, opportunities and crises coexist, President Zhang encouraged enterprises to rise in the transformation, entrepreneurs to not give up their own, do not give up struggle, down-to-earth, adhere to industry, achieve themselves, achieve this era, enjoy the most beautiful scenery.



  Mr. Cui Minrong, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Political Consultative Conference and the Economic Committee, said that Shenzhen Machinery has developed from Shenzhen's traditional superior industries to the current advanced manufacturing industry and is an important contributor to the leap-forward development of Shenzhen. Shenzhen can not develop without industry and industrialists, who have created the famous "Shenzhen speed" and are also building the proud "Shenzhen quality" and "Shenzhen standard". Glory belongs to businessmen and deserves them.

    "Crossing the sea shows the pillars, the mountains are magnificent to see the main peak", the industry sailing can not be separated from the steering wheel, the industry "leader" carries the flag, charges ahead, climbs over the hill, rolling stones, in promoting the development of the industry, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading has made outstanding contributions. Mr. Zhang Yaohua, member of Shenzhen Political Consultative Conference, executive chairman of Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, chairman of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Advanced Manufacturing Industry Alliance and chairman of Shenzhen Yihe Precision Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., was awarded the "Industry Marshal" Award. Mr. Cui Minrong, Chairman of the Standing Committee and Economic Committee of the Shenzhen Political Consultative Conference, awarded the "Industry Marshal" Award to the Executive President of Zhang Yaohua.



    After 40 years of reform and opening up, labor is valuable and the workers are respectable. As the backbone of the industry development, millions of employees, working hard and striving for excellence, have become the source of sustainable development of Shenzhen machinery.

    Salute the pioneers, thank the adherents and look forward to the successors. Mr. Zhang Hanming, former deputy governor of Nantou District of Shenzhen, and Mr. Zhu Benyi, senior engineer of aerospace and special researcher of Chinese Academy of Sciences, both of the three generations of old, middle and young people talked about development, adherence and inheritance at the same time. Mr. Chen Yushan, former Minister of propaganda in Nanshan District of Shenzhen, shared the pioneering stories of the older generation of reform and opening up, and the mechanical students of Vocational Colleges participated in the sharing. It is precisely because firewood and fire are handed down from generation to generation that industry flourishes. Love, ingenuity, bold, glorious mechanical workers to revitalize machinery, unlimited scenery.

    "The pace of the manufacturing industry will not stagnate because of the existing success. Challenges urge innovation, change and further development." Mr. Hao Jian, Executive Director of Haixconn Manufacturing Intelligence Greater China, said in the forum of "Decoding the New Wave of Manufacturing Industry, Constructing a New Pattern of Intelligent Manufacturing", that intelligent manufacturing can be realized through modern sensing technology, network technology, automation technology and anthropomorphic intelligent technology, and that manufacturing industry can be promoted from high-speed growth to high-quality development. Development and transformation.




  Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China's economic system has undergone a radical transformation, and the "Chinese wisdom" and "China plan" have exerted more and more influence on the world. Guangdong Trade Fair closely follows the important opportunities and new connotations of the development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, focusing on the new ecology, new hotspots and new development of enterprises in machine tool industry, intelligent manufacturing, mould manufacturing, scientific and technological innovation and other industries. August 8-11, 2019, China Import and Export Commodity Fair and Exhibition Hall * Guangzhou, a comprehensive display of innovations in the field of Industrial Science and technology innovation, and further highlight the professional, authoritative and internationalized characteristics, take exhibitions, forums, docking and other forms to promote industrial cooperation, development and win-win situation, with many industries. Industry elite brand to create a grand event of industrial manufacturing industry.

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