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Inventory of Top Ten Topics in Machine Tool Industry in 2018


    On December 19, 2018, the National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center issued "Ten Internet Terms of 2018". There are ten popular hot words on Koi, bar, SKR, Buddha, confirmed eyes, official propaganda, C, local love, skin and burning my calorie. Hot words of network terms come out. What are the hot words of machine tool industry in 2018? Today, Xiaobian will take stock of the top ten hot words of the machine tool industry in 2018.



Intelligent Manufacturing

As in 2017, smart manufacturing is still hot in 2018. It is not only a hot word in the whole manufacturing industry, but also a hot word in the development of machine tool industry. It is not difficult to find that many enterprises have put forward the slogan of "Intelligent Manufacturing" in their propaganda, and a large number of machine tool products including intelligent technology have been launched in the market. Intelligent machine tools, intelligent systems, intelligent factories... The development pattern of multiple intelligences is slowly taking shape in the machine tool industry.

Sharing economy

Sharing bicycles, umbrellas, charging treasures... Various kinds of shared goods have brought many conveniences to people's lives. Now the sharing economy has blown into the machine tool industry. The essence of shared economy is to integrate idle resources and centralize demand through existing shared products. This model is not only conducive to activating potential demand, but also can transform non-target customers into target customers to a certain extent, thus broadening the consumer market. At present, some enterprises have actively made relevant attempts, but whether this model can really stimulate market vitality and create economic value remains to be proved.

Internet plus

In the guidance of the State Council on deepening the development of the industrial Internet in the Internet + advanced manufacturing industry, it is pointed out that "the industrial Internet, as the product of the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing, has increasingly become the key support for the new industrial revolution and the important cornerstone for deepening the" Internet + Advanced Manufacturing ". The future industrial development will have an all-round, deep-seated and revolutionary impact. It can be seen that the industrial Internet will be the major trend of the future development of manufacturing industry, and it is also of great significance to the machine tool industry.

Craftsman Spirit

"Craftsman Spirit" is a kind of professional spirit, its basic connotation includes dedication, leanness, focus, innovation and other aspects. With the acceleration of China's machine tool industry to "top-notch" step, the voice of craftsman spirit is becoming higher and higher. The machine tool industry calls for the spirit of craftsmen, on the one hand, because the machine tool industry itself has the characteristics of pursuing precision; on the other hand, we also hope that in this way, more people will understand and approach the front-line workers.

Green environmental protection

With the development of economy, people's voice for environmental protection is getting higher and higher. As one of the core industries of manufacturing industry, the machine tool industry is bound to make corresponding adjustments. Since last year, the environmental protection policy has gradually become stricter, and green production and green machine tools are becoming the new theme of the development of machine tool industry.

trade friction

In March this year, Sino-US trade friction occurred, and the machine tool industry was also affected to a certain extent. In addition to the tariffs imposed by the United States on some products in machine tool industry, the trade war has also had a negative impact on the investment of Chinese enterprises, which is directly manifested by the decrease in investment enthusiasm in the second half of the year. It is reported that Japan's machine tool exports to China have also been affected to some extent, with orders falling for several months in a row.

Structural upgrading

In 2018, the development of China's machine tool industry shows the characteristics of total volume stabilization and structural upgrading. Firstly, the demand structure is upgraded, and the market demand for products with high efficiency, high precision and personalized characteristics is increasing. Driven by the upgrade of demand, the product structure of machine tools is also upgraded. Technology, innovation and intellectualization are becoming new features of machine tools. Finally, the upgrading of industrial structure, machine tool industry is changing from a scale-based to a quality-benefit-based development model.

Steady growth

In addition to structural upgrading, stable growth is another feature of the development of machine tool industry in 2018. Over the whole year, the main business income and total profit of the whole industry and its sub-sectors are in the growth range. Although the growth momentum slows down in the second half of the year, due to the good foundation in the first half of the year, it is still expected to achieve a small growth in the whole year.

Industrial robot

In 2018, Xiaobian thought that this "human" could be replaced by "robot" and this "machine" could be replaced by "machine tool". Now, machine tool + robot mode is becoming a new trend of production, and it is not difficult to see from the exhibition, from large factories to small factories, have launched machine tools that can match robots, especially in the form of "truss robots / manipulators with machine tools".

Open cooperation

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. China's machine tool industry has made great achievements in the past 40 years of reform and opening up. On November 5, 2018, the first China International Import Expo was launched in the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai. The influx of exhibits from all over the world shows China's inclusive and open mind. In the new era, China's machine tool industry should continue to adhere to open cooperation and actively activate the vitality of the machine tool market.

Above are the hot words of machine tool industry in 2018 compiled by Xiaobian. Are they the same as the hot words in your mind? If not, you are welcome to leave a message and exchange with Xiaobian.

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