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Classical design concept and high rigidity structure to achieve high speed, high precision and high stability

Mechanical properties

1, precision machine tools by golf, laser interferometer detection and correction.

2, low inertia servo motor speed, three axis rail design, each axis moves quickly shift up to 48m / min, greatly improve the processing efficiency.

3, automatic lubricating device type, to guide the timing screw oil, to avoid the case of thermal expansion, and prolong life.

4, practical, and in communications, precision metal, table decoration, decoration, spare parts processing and other industries are widely used.

5, the robot-type tool magazine with precision cam-driven, with a stable operation, tool speed and other characteristics, T-T Tool change time of about 1.8 seconds.

6 Widened table and full protective guard rails can effectively prevent the adhesion of dirt and cutting Machine Tool, Machine Tool ensure lasting precision.



Particularly suitable for high-precision, high-speed 3C parts, communications, hardware, auto parts and other products processing.

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