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YHC3500 Moving Column Profile Machining Center

Advanced design concepts and high rigidity structure to achieve high speed, high precision and high stability.

Mechanical properties

1, moving column machine parts processing mechanism for easy installation.

2,The long table is more appropriate length of parts.

3, moving column magazine integration reduces the tool change time.

4,30m / min or more fast-moving and improve efficiency.

5, X, Y-axis roller guides to enhance the overall rigidity of the machine.

6, the standard configuration spindle speed 12000rpm / min optional 15000rpm / min.

7, the movable box design for easy operation anywhere in the machine operation.

8, high-power cutting machine cooling water pump to ensure adequate flushing capacity.

9, fully enclosed protective cover to ensure that water does not leak.

10, equipped with flush device, easy to clean chips.



Particularly suitable for drilling and milling tapping more long metal parts processing.


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