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The 15th Skills Festival of "Huaya CNC Cup" was successfully completed.


    On November 23, Huaya CNC, as a famous enterprise, participated in the closing ceremony of the 15th "Huaya CNC Cup" Skills Festival held by Shenzhen Institute of Technicians and Sino-German Institute of Intellectual Technology. At the closing ceremony of the Skills Festival, Zhang Zhaoping, General Manager of Huaya CNC, presented awards to the award-winning students and took pictures with them.



    At the closing ceremony, Ms. Zhang Zhaoping also gave a speech. She said, "The 15th Skills Festival has been successfully completed on this fruitful day. First of all, congratulations are given to the students who won the prize and you have achieved excellent results in the Skills Competition. Everyone can acquire real skills in all kinds of competitions and ordinary learning, which is inseparable from the school's careful training. Sino-German Zhizhuang College has a team of professional teachers and professors with rich practical experience in enterprises. Teachers and students have won the first prize and the first prize in various skills competitions and educational research competitions in China and Guangdong Province for many times. The leaders of the Institute have been exploiting and introducing German high-quality educational resources forward-looking. They have been insisting on "internationalization" of running schools and introducing German "dual system" curriculum system. At the same time, they have set up a mixed teaching team between China and Germany, and have really created a training base with Chinese and German characteristics.


     Zhang Zhaoping also said, "Huaya CNC and Professor Shenzhen CNC students jointly developed a star product, high-precision and efficient pentahedral machine tool, won the second prize in Guangchuang Competition, won the third prize in the advanced intelligent manufacturing industry in Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, is the only entry and award-winning product in Shenzhen CNC machine tool industry!" In the final analysis, these achievements are the model of school-enterprise cooperation, and can not be separated from the diligent participation of teachers and students in the Technical Teachers College. In the future, we should take school-enterprise cooperation as a platform, take corporate social responsibility as our responsibility, further expand the cooperation between industry, University and research, explore new mode and new way of school-enterprise cooperation, and actively explore new methods of personnel training. It is believed that so many excellent teachers and students with vision and struggle will set a new benchmark and banner for the training of skilled personnel in Shenzhen.


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