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The Shenzhen International Machine Tool Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion!


    The 19th Shenzhen International Machine Tool Exhibition ended successfully on March 29, 2018. Our company, Shenzhen Huaya CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., is invited to attend the exhibition.

    The exhibition has a strong lineup. The exhibition area is 110,000 square meters. There are 1,235 exhibition enterprises and a large number of people. During the event, there are 92,634 professional audiences and professional businessmen at home and abroad.


European Customers Come to China Asia Exhibition for Exchange

Huaya CNC Company took part in the pentahedron processing center YHV1165, five-axis processing center YHV535, horizontal processing center YHHC400 and high-speed processing center YHC6040. This exhibition focuses on broadening horizons, opening up ideas, learning from advanced technology and communication and cooperation. It makes full use of the exhibition opportunities to communicate, communicate and negotiate with customers and distributors who come to visit the exhibition. It further enhances the company's brand awareness and influence, and at the same time, it further understands the product characteristics of advanced enterprises in the same field. In order to better improve their product structure and give full play to their advantages.


    Shenzhen Huaya CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service, specializing in the production of various CNC machine tools and non-standard special mechanical processing equipment. Taking this exhibition to the national CNC machine tool industry and even the machinery industry to show the top technology, the exhibition staff cohesive practical wisdom of the information application explanation, to provide customers with the best solution.


European Customers Visit Huaya Factory

    During the four-day exhibition, the booth attracted numerous exhibitors to stop, and the staff have been communicating with the exhibitors with full enthusiasm and earnest attitude. After a certain understanding, the exhibitors in the venue showed a strong intention of cooperation. Individual customers came to visit and exchange with us. This exhibition, while reaching cooperation agreements or intentions with many customers, has also conducted friendly exchanges with colleagues through this exhibition, made many new friends, learned about the latest market of the new wind industry, broadened horizons, and will also bring new opportunities for the future development of Ai Xinfeng. The exhibition was a great success.


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