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Luo Qiuyun, Vice Chairman of Huaihua Municipal Consultative Conference, and his party attended Huaya Group


    On the afternoon of June 14, Luo Qiuyun, Vice Chairman of Huaihua Municipal Consultative Conference of Hunan Province, and his delegation visited the headquarters of Huaya CNC Group in Shenzhen. Zhang Zhaoping, Chairman of Huaya Group and General Manager, received them warmly.




    The members first visited Huaya CNC machine tool assembly workshop. In the assembly workshop, Mr. Zhang introduced the continuous innovation of Huaya's products to lead the market, strictly control the quality to win good reputation of customers over the years, and continuously developed a number of special superior machine tools represented by pentahedron processing center, which subverted the traditional mechanical processing methods and created greater profits for customers. Members expressed their appreciation for Huaya CNC's sustained innovation and industry leadership over the years.




    At the symposium, Mr. Zhang, on behalf of Huaya CNC, warmly welcomed the visiting members. Mr. Yang introduced Huaya CNC, its history, corporate cultural values and R&D team. The members affirmed that Huaya CNC should "liberate productivity and lead manufacturing industry!" For the mission of the company. Members also held discussions around enterprise innovation, University cooperation, government incentives, upstream and downstream industrial chain construction and so on. Everyone spoke one after another. Finally, Vice President Luo hopes Huaya CNC will continue to maintain product innovation and make Huaya CNC bigger and bigger.


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