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New momentum of Huaya shines Shenzhen's innovation and Entrepreneurship



   On June 29, under the guidance of Guangming New Area Management Committee and sponsored by Guangming New Area Economic Services Bureau, the Second Guangming New Area Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, sponsored by Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association and Shenzhen Smart Craftsman Zhichuang Technology Co., Ltd., and the "Discover New Kinetic Energy" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Intelligent Manufacturing Public Creation Space, was held in the Building of the Machinery Association. The hall opened. Huaya CNC participated in the competition with the project of high efficiency and high precision intelligent compound machine tool (pentahedron processing center).


    Ms. Zhang Zhaoping, General Manager of Huaya CNC, has made subversive innovations in intelligent composite machine tools, improved the efficiency and accuracy of die casting processing in the industry, and made road speeches on R&D team, income generation and other aspects. The judges of this contest include Professor Du Jianming, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Shenzhen University, Professor Liao Dongquan, Senior Engineer of Zhongde Zhicheng College, Shenzhen Technician College, Ms. Li Ping, General Manager of Jiangmen Branch of Shenzhen Municipal Engineering Corporation, and Liu Weicai, General Manager of Shenzhen Qifeng Precision Parts Co., Ltd. Mr. Xue Tingqiang, a core expert at Siemens Medical Director level, and Ms. Liu Xiaomeng, Vice Director of Investment of Shenzhen Chuangdong Investment Co., Ltd. are composed of 6 professors, technical experts and financial investors.


    After nearly 7 hours of competition, Shenzhen Huaya CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. won the second prize of enterprise group in the 2nd Guangming New Area Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.


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