Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

Quality inspection

Three-coordinate Detection

    Three-coordinate measurement is to use the three-coordinate measuring machine to check and measure the shape and position tolerance of the workpiece, to determine whether the error of the workpiece is within the tolerance range, also known as three-coordinate measurement. All manufactured products must provide the inspection report of the qualified parties, so the three-coordinate inspection is becoming more and more important for the manufacturing industry. Three-coordinate detection is sometimes used in reverse engineering design, collecting and mapping the spatial geometry and three-dimensional data of an object, providing point data, and then building the three-dimensional model with software.

Quadratic Element Detection

After the magnified object image is sent to the computer, the contour, surface shape, size, angle and position of all kinds of complex workpieces can be detected efficiently, especially the microscopic detection and quality control of precision parts.

Quality System

  • Shenzhen Huaya CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. passed ISO 9001 1994 edition certification in 1998. It passed the ISO 9001 certification of 2000 edition in 2001.

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