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Horizontal Machining Center YHHC320

Strive to pursue high production efficiency, high precision, high reliability.

Mechanical properties

1, the machine uses a typical box box structure with high rigidity and fast response.

2, the machine axes using advanced direct-drive technology, with high speed, high precision and so on.

3, the main components of the machine structure are optimized by finite element analysis, to ensure the machine with high static and dynamic stiffness and thermal stability.

4, each axis rapid traverse speeds up to 48m / min, the gravitational acceleration of 1g, greatly reduces machine cutting auxiliary time.

5, the application of double pallet changer structure, not only to ensure the rapid and accurate pallet exchange, but also greatly reduces the customer in the future alternative maintenance costs.

6, the whole all-sealing the whole defense, and with oil mist absorbing device, more environmentally friendly.



For automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, aerospace, electronics, defense and other industries the ideal processing equipment.

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