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Specializing in the design, development, manufacture and improvement of CNC machine tools and special CNC equipment, including pre-sale and after-sale services, honored as the high-tech enterprises

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South China is the only group company with independent research, production, 

marketing and service of CNC machine tools, which can build CNC special machines for customers.

  • Five bodies CNC Center

    Special machine tool for efficient processing of die castings. Once clamping, finish the precision

  • Movable column Profile CNC Center

    Advanced design concepts and high rigidity structure to achieve high speed, high precision and high

  • Five bodies CNC Center

  • Movable column Profile CNC Center

  • YHV1165

    It is composed of horizontal and vertical machining centers. The parts that need five-sided processing can be completed at one time. A set of system controls two units, which can efficiently complete the processing. The standard configuration of high speed dual spindle speed is 10000rpm/min, and 15000rpm/min is optional.
  • YHC2500

    Moving column machine tool mechanism is convenient for parts processing and installation. Extra-long workbench is more suitable for processing long parts. The integration of movable column tool storehouse reduces tool changing time. Fast movement over 30m/min improves work efficiency. Roller guides of X and Y axes enhance the overall rigidity of machine tools. The standard spindle speed configuration is 12000 rpm/min and 15000 rpm/min.

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According to the customer's processing needs, provide customers with the best machine tool selection suggestions.


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