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YHV1165 High Efficiency Pentahedral Machining Center for Die Casting

Pentahedral machining center uses vertical, horizontal and rotary indexing combination to realize turning, milling and pentahedral processing. It can replace the robotic assembly line of multiple processing equipment and realize compound processing of large parts. It really saves cost, energy, manpower and production area. It breaks the traditional processing mode, improves the spatial accuracy and product quality, and is widely used in die-casting chambers such as LED light box, new energy, communication and so on.

New Energy Industry Processing Video of Pentahedral Machining Center

Processing Video of Pentahedral LED Display Box

Mechanical properties

1, a combination of horizontal and vertical machining centers made, five-face machining of parts required can complete.

2, with a set of special treatment CNC system can efficiently complete the processing.

3, two-spindle configuration easier medium for an object five-face machining milling, drilling, boring, tapping and other machining processes.

4, high-speed dual standard configuration spindle speed 10000rpm / min optional 15000rpm / min.

5, a combination of vertical and horizontal structure design, namely the expansion of the scope of the overall layout of the machine, but also to avoid tool interference.

6, high-power cutting machine cooling water pump to ensure adequate flushing capacity.

7, fully enclosed protective cover to ensure that water does not leak.

8, with a flush device, easy to clean cutting.



Especially for LED walls, cavities and other large communications require multi-sided machining of high-precision parts products.


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